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Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes authors,
Clara and Helen are excited to promote their
book with media taste and sign events!
April 30, 2010
October 21, 2010  Barbara Rolek About.Com Eastern European
Food Guide
says Clara Czegeny's 'Helen's Hungarian Heritage
Recipes' Are Hot!  
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April 30, 2010 CTV NEWS TEAM - KYLE CHRISTIE Invite Chef
Helen & Clara Czegeny to return back to cook on the show by
Popular Demand!
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November 8, 2010  Barbara Rolek About.Com Eastern European
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Clara Czegeny-author of  'Helen's Hungarian
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November 1, 2010 Helen Szabo-Czegeny's Two-Part LIFE
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September - December - 2010 Taste & Sign Events - throughout
South Western Ontario Clara & Chef Helen
Czegeny, co-authors
of this cherished Hungarian Czegeny Family Recipe collection,

Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes
toured and visited 27
stores to sample crepes, soups, squares and more Read More
BestSelling Author;
Chef Clara Czegeny
Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes©
Clara Margaret Czegeny, Best Selling Author of Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes
April 28, 2010 INSIDE BRANT TV APPEARANCE -Clara & Helen
Czegeny - Lecso Lives On - A Hungarian Favourite - Ted Lehman
News Anchor
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Kyle Christie Introduces
Hot Hungarians (Back by
Popular Demand)
October 25, 2010   Helen's Hungarian Heritage Recipes - Earns
particularly from the
Austro-Hungarian Empire.  
Clara has taken her mother’s
treasured recipes and stories, and written them down into a
spiral bound, homey cookbook.  Full of information about the
ingredients, techniques and tools, this little cookbook will make
you feel as though you are sitting at the table with family
enjoying one of Helen’s meals.

Pauline writes to Clara personally...You are very welcome! I
find I am consulting the cookbook often to clarify Pauline’s
recipes and to get new ideas. Thank YOU! And congratulations
on becoming a best seller in Canada. That’s wonderful.

Below is my selection of the ten cookbooks that best represent
the cooking of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Some old,
some new – they all have fresh and tasty recipes based on
locally/home grown ingredients. For the most part, the style is
simple, country cooking that reflects Pauline’s heritage, from
countries of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, including
Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia and Serbia.  
One book below – Food in History – provides a great overview
of the origins of many of the ingredients and recipes
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